Get a Flexpert for hassle free hiring and Remote Team Building

  Recruitment as a service Benefit from an integrated approach combining support from an experienced recruiter and Snaphunt’s powerful hiring technology, so you have best in class recruitment support, for your ongoing hiring as well as specific expansion projects. Your Flexpert supports the full life cycle of your hiring including: Defining Hiring needs and developing your hiring plan Creating Your open jobs based on requirements Optimising Your sourcing channels and talent piplines Managing Interview scheduling & feedback management Conducting Regular meetings to keep everyone accountable Advising on offer management and other hiring matters Get a  Flexpert  for hassle free hiring What happens when growth kicks in and you need to scale up your teams? Initially, you and your management team might do all the recruiting and spend weeks creating job postings, marketing open positions, and digging through stacks of resumes to build a shortlist. However, this isn’t sustainable as the co
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